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With permission from IDEA Public Schools

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Friends Without Benefits: How States Systematically Shortchange Teachers’ Retirement and Threaten Their Retirement Security

By Chad Aldeman and Andrew J. Rotherham

Saving for retirement is a nationwide problem — a recent study found that 92 percent of households do not meet retirement savings targets for their age and income. Yet for most workers, public policies are not the root cause of their lack of savings. For public school teachers, however, poorly structured policies put in place over the past few decades by states and cities can exacerbate their retirement insecurity.

2011 to 2012
Case Study

Given rapid changes to the data-driven instruction landscape (including the advent of Common Core), The Achievement Network partnered with Bellwether to develop a five-year strategic plan that responds to market and customer needs and builds on existing core competencies.

NewSchools Venture Fund

Bellwether is honored to be supporting NewSchools Venture Fund in the search for its next Chief Executive Officer. NewSchools is a national not-for-profit venture philanthropy firm that seeks to transform education through powerful ideas and passionate entrepreneurs, so that all children – especially those in underserved communities – will have an opportunity to succeed.