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We are a nonprofit dedicated to helping education organizations become more effective and achieve dramatic results, especially for high-need students.

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We Have Three Integrated Service Areas

Jason Weeby
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George Mu

Innovation is critical to advancing any sector. It increases the productivity of organizations, tests the merit of new ideas, and phases out practices that no longer work. Innovation-driven economies make current products, services, and organizations better and open up opportunities for new ones to emerge.

Innovation is essential in the education sector too. To reverse the trend of widening achievement gaps, we’ll need new and improved education opportunities — alternatives to the centuries-old model for delivering education that under-performs for millions of high-need students.

Yet compared to other sectors that have relied on continuous invention and improvement as a survival mechanism for decades, innovative policies and practices in the education sector are still nascent.

To modernize education’s approach to innovation, Bellwether created The U.S. Education Innovation Index: Prototype and Report (USEII), the field’s first foray into measuring education innovation at the city level.

Andrew J. Rotherham
Jennifer O'Neal Schiess

Education is not getting much attention on the presidential campaign trail, but that doesn't mean the next administration won't face a variety of opportunities and challenges in the education sector.

Teach For America

TFA-GNO/LAD is seeking a new leader, one committed to this unique region and the aggressive pursuit of excellent educational opportunities and options within it.

Case Study

How do you encourage and prepare talented, committed people to engage in a teaching career? There are a number of promising teacher preparation organizations tackling this challenge, but few have solved the puzzle of building a quality program and a sustainable business model to support it. Urban Teachers is one exception.