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The Pension Pac-Man: How Pension Debt Eats Away at Teacher Salaries

Chad Aldeman

Why aren’t teacher salaries rising?

It’s not for lack of money. Even after adjusting for inflation and rising student enrollment, total school spending is up.

It’s not for lack of money spent on teachers, either. Districts are allocating about the same portion of their budgets to instructional costs—including salaries, wages, and benefits for teachers—as they did 20 years ago.

Overall expenditures are up, but teacher salaries are actually down slightly over the same period.

So what do Pac-Man and pensions have in common?

In our new report, “The Pension Pac-Man: How Pension Debt Eats Away at Teacher Salaries,” we show that, like the proverbial Pac-Man, the rapidly rising costs of teacher retirement and insurance benefits are pushing out money that could be spent on salaries.


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MN Comeback

MN Comeback is a group committed to ensuring that every student has access to a high-performing school, with a goal of delivering 30,000 rigorous and relevant seats by 2025. To reach this citywide goal, Minneapolis needs a large, diverse group of talented education professionals with the experience, beliefs and commitment to provide all children, especially students of color, with an excellent education. The Director of Talent will lead the design and execution of MN Comeback’s talent pipeline development strategy.