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A Policy Playbook for Personalized Learning: Ideas for State and Local Policymakers

Carolyn Chuong
Sara Mead

A new generation of education technology is gaining traction in America’s schools. Yet the most highly touted uses of education technology barely scratch the surface of its potential impact on education. Technology-based tools can make teachers’ jobs easier and improve student learning, but they do not fundamentally alter how students learn or how teachers do their work.

A small number of models are emerging that meaningfully shift the structure and organization of schooling in order to reimagine the classroom itself. Rather than simply adding on to what schools already do, these models leverage technology to change teachers’ roles and create a much more personalized learning experience for students. These models, which have emerged in communities across the country, vary in the extent to which they use technology and whether they seek to transform whole schools or individual courses.

Bellwether Education Partners’ Policy Playbook for Personalized Learning is designed to help state and local policymakers identify the policy changes needed to expand access to quality personalized learning in their states and communities, and to give them the tools to make those changes. Each of the 15 policy ideas, or “plays,” in this playbook provides background context on the challenges it is designed to address and the benefits it will produce; examples of places where similar policies have been implemented; and a discussion of the policy or implementation considerations that must be taken into account.

National Civil Rights Museum

One of the premier heritage and cultural museums in the country, the National Civil Rights Museum at the Lorraine Motel in Memphis, TN is a national historic landmark and educational resource on civil and human rights. The site of his tragic assassination, it is a memorial to Dr. Martin Luther King, one of the most iconic heroes of the movement, and is one of only five U.S. accredited museums, among seventeen worldwide, selected for membership in the International Coalition of Sites of Conscience. The Museum is visited by over 200,000 guests per year, including 50,000 — 60,000 students, most of whom travel in excess of 120 miles to experience the story of the Civil Rights Movement in America brought to life.

2011 to 2012
Case Study

Given rapid changes to the data-driven instruction landscape (including the advent of Common Core), The Achievement Network partnered with Bellwether to develop a five-year strategic plan that responds to market and customer needs and builds on existing core competencies.


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