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The State of the Charter School Movement

Sara Mead
Ashley LiBetti Mitchel
Andrew J. Rotherham

During the past decade, the number of students attending charter schools more than tripled to nearly 3 million, or 6 percent, of students nationally, and charters are playing an even more prominent role in educating students in some of nation’s largest urban communities.

Despite this growing role in U.S. public education, the debate about charter schools continues to be plagued by outdated information, misconceptions, and myths.

A new analysis from Bellwether Education Partners brings together the most recent data on charter schools from a variety of sources to provide a comprehensive picture of the current state of the charter school movement in the United States.


Blog Post

Can We Have An Honest Debate About Teacher Pensions?

Reasonable people can disagree about pension policy. It’s a complicated issue with tradeoffs that are both politically and substantively tricky. But the issue is too important to millions of teachers to let the usual “say anything” approach to education policy issues cloud the debate.

Sara Mead, Chad Aldeman, Carolyn Chuong, and Julie Obbard

After years of cuts to the teaching workforce, California districts are beginning to hire again.

Foreword by Michael J. Petrilli and Amber M. Northern
Report by Sara Mead and Ashley LiBetti Mitchel