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The Learning Landscape: A Broad View of the U.S. Public School System

Jennifer Schiess
Kelly Robson
Carolyn Chuong
Kaitlin Pennington

To ensure that the public education system delivers on its promise of great outcomes for all kids, we need a shared understanding of the facts to help us assess the system, identify challenges, and develop viable solutions.

The Learning Landscape presents a balanced assessment of the status of education in the United States by aggregating high quality research and data from numerous credible sources.

Each chapter describes the context and the current state of play in each focus area and highlights key policy issues and trends affecting public education now and in the future.

Browse by chapter below, or visit www.thelearninglandscape for more.

Chapter 1: Student Achievement
Chapter 2: Accountability, Standards, & Assessment
Chapter 3: School Finance
Chapter 4: Teacher Effectiveness
Chapter 5: Charter Schools
Chapter 6: Philanthropy

Blog Post

Why aren’t politicians talking about education this year? One justification I’ve heard is that last December’s passage of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) took education off the table. This is wrong, or at least incomplete. It’s true that federal K-12 education policy is settled at the moment from a congressional standpoint, but it’s far from settled […]

The Broad Center

In The Broad Center’s vision for the future, urban public education systems are high-performing organizations that deliver excellent results for all of their students. The Managing Director will lead the overall strategy and management of Alumni & Network Services and its seasoned, high-performing, and highly dedicated team.

Melissa Steel King
Leslie Kan
Chad Aldeman

Nationwide, concerns about teacher shortages and the retention of experienced teachers, particularly in certain subject areas and states, have been growing in recent years.