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We are a nonprofit dedicated to helping education organizations become more effective and achieve dramatic results, especially for high-need students.

With permission from IDEA Public Schools

We Have Three Integrated Service Areas

Kaitlin Pennington
Sara Mead

In 2012, as states and districts were in the trenches changing teacher evaluation policy, Bellwether Education Partners released The Hangover, a report that warned how teacher evaluation policies could undermine the impact of recently passed laws or prevent future innovation in instruction and teacher evaluation.

Our new report, For Good Measure?, builds on the findings from The Hangover and aims to inform states and districts as they consider changes to teacher evaluation systems after the passage of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA).

For Good Measure? transcends the polarizing politics and ideology of teacher evaluation to demonstrate the risks policymakers face in the ESSA era and advise on how to mitigate those risks.

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Kelly Robson
Juliet Squire

Currently, about 6,000 Idaho students are on waitlists for charter schools. And the state is expected to add nearly 22,000 new prek-12 students by fall 2022.

Blog Post

This year’s education landscape is as heated as ever — there have been debates about the NewSchools Venture Fund Summit, the passage of ESSA, and just recently, the controversial Department of Education Trump appointee. But that doesn’t mean all the education conversations online have been informed, inclusive, and respectful.

Teach Plus

Teach Plus’s next CEO will lead an organization at a critical juncture in its evolution; at once arriving at the 10 year milestone having achieved both significant revenues and critical mass, while also facing pivotal decisions, in a swiftly changing education landscape, regarding a sustainable path to scale. The ideal successor will foster and maintain the existing mission and culture of excellence, and position the organization to play a distinct leadership role in an increasingly competitive field. S/he will be a proud and compelling brand ambassador, and lead confidently around fiscal stewardship, strategic fundraising, values-driven leadership of staff, and partnership with like-minded policy and advocacy organizations that will yield even greater, collective impact.