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We Have Three Integrated Service Areas

Juliet Squire
Kelly Robson

With nearly one in three students statewide attending a rural school, rural education must be a top priority for Oklahoma’s state policymakers. Students deserve a high-quality education, and the economy depends on it. Unfortunately, data suggest that many of Oklahoma’s rural schools are not providing their students with the academic and non-academic skills necessary for them to be successful in their next steps after high school.

Over the years, Oklahoma’s policymakers have implemented a number of measures to address the challenges facing rural schools. But what is often missing from conversations about how to fix these problems are the voices of the students, parents, community members, and business leaders living in these communities and experiencing the problems firsthand.

In our new report, “Voices from Rural Oklahoma: Where’s Education Headed on the Plain?”, we seek to raise the collective voices of rural community members and convey their thoughts and perspectives to policymakers in the state capital.

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Blog Post

Last week Congress threw Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) accountability regulations out the window, and all signs from the Department of Education under Secretary Betsy DeVos point to a minimal review of state ESSA plans. For example, a little known ESSA provision could change the shape of Title I spending in schools, and under new […]

Marnie Kaplan
Sara Mead

In 2007, Congress and then-President George W. Bush set out to improve Head Start by passing a law that made significant changes to the program.


Job opening at Bellwether: Consultants work as members of small teams and take leadership roles in both external and internal capacities. Externally, Consultants play an important role within Bellwether client teams on client engagements by identifying issues, forming hypotheses, designing and conducting analyses, building models, synthesizing conclusions into recommendations, developing work plans, and ultimately helping to implement change with our clients. Throughout an engagement, a Consultant is directly involved in discussions and presentations with senior client leadership. Internally, Consultants work closely with Bellwether Associate Partners, Principals, and Partners and, as needed, are assigned the role of overseeing and managing the output of more junior staff members (Analysts, Fellows, and Interns) for Bellwether.