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Our team blogs regularly on a broad range of topics related to education reform and provides a blend of leading-edge perspectives. One of Bellwether’s greatest strengths is that diversity of viewpoint is encouraged among the partner team and throughout the organization. Everyone at Bellwether is committed to dramatic improvements in our public education system, but internally there are different views about how to accomplish that work. As a result, the views expressed in these blogs should be considered to be those of the writers rather than organizational viewpoints of Bellwether or of any organizations or individuals with whom Bellwether works. Likewise, outgoing links do not constitute any type of endorsement of other websites or organizations.

Ahead of the Heard

The Bellwether team blog, Ahead of the Heard, features regular commentary, analysis, and original insights from our staff.

Bonnie O'Keefe

Bellwether Education Partners’ series Splitting the Bill: Understanding Education Finance Equity gives advocates a crash course in the fundamentals of education finance and in key questions to ask in their states and communities. This series of short briefs is part of Bellwether’s ongoing examination of how finance and inequity in education shortchange millions of students […]

The post Unpacking Education Finance Equity for State-Level Advocates: A Q&A with TennesseeCAN’s Erika Berry appeared first on Ahead of the Heard.


Andrew Rotherham provides education news, analysis, and commentary through his widely read blog, 


Kenneth Baer is the founder and CEO of Crosscut Strategies, a great comms, media, and strategy firm. They also do crisis comms, which I hope you don’t need but if you do…

Ken wrote what is considered perhaps the definitive book on the rise of New Democrats in the Democratic Party.

He also likes to get outside and fish with his kids.

Here he is a few weeks ago on the Chesapeake Bay, which as we’ve discussed before is an amazing resource. John King has highlighted the need to protect the Bay in his campaign for governor of Maryland. And we’ve discussed the stripers found there, and elsewhere, more than a few times.  Ken is holding one.

Friday what? Friday Fish Porn is a feature that started in 2006 when Jim Griffin played hooky from work and tormented me with pictures of the fish he was catching  all afternoon. Now, hundreds of pictures later it’s a one of a kind archive (and with more Fish Pics if you want to send me your kids under a different header or get this via Substack). Education and education connected people outside with fish.

Teacher Pensions, a project of Bellwether Education Partners, provides high-quality information and analysis to help stakeholders – especially teachers and policymakers – understand the teacher pension issue and the trade-offs among various options for reform.