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The74--Though we can guess at the academic effects of the COVID-19 school shutdowns, the full impact of the lost learning time won’t be known for decades. Research on previous school closures may be helpful in guiding our response.

Tennessean--The city's many at-risk youth are in danger of being forgotten amid Nashville's budget crisis.

Data Quality Campaign--Measuring how much students learn over time is the most equitable measure of student performance we have, revealing trends and patterns that status measures of student proficiency rates might miss. Student growth information will be critical to understand the extent of the impact of current school closures and to help inform recovery efforts.

The74--Working with stakeholders around the country has made me certain only about uncertainty. The impact of COVID-19 in a few months or a few years seems to hinge on collective action and policymakers’ decisions.

The 74--Margaret Spellings discusses best- and worst-case scenarios in response to the coronavirus, what businesses should do to help schools, and advice for Secretary DeVos with Andy Rotherham and Emmeline Zhao.

Axios--Andy Rotherham discusses how blended learning options where students are split up for classroom learning for a few days a week and online for the remainder will likely become the norm.

The 74--Shavar Jeffries discusses education's response to coronavirus, what he hopes to see from Joe Biden on education, and the opportunity the current crisis offers for educational equity with Andy Rotherham and Emmeline Zhao.

Fairfax Times--Andy Rotherham comments on the importance of districts' willingness to innovate and do whatever it takes in order to reach all kids.

The 74--While this crisis presents many challenges for districts, it may also provide an opportunity. Those places that can adapt to the changing teacher labor market now can have a lasting positive impact on student learning in years to come.

The 74--With markets plummeting from COVID-19, the pension problem policymakers have been trying to hide from is about to cause a world of hurt to state and local budgets. This time, let’s hope they make better choices.