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U.S. News & World Report -- Let's stipulate that it would be better all around if Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker had finished college – especially because he apparently came close to graduating from Marquette. It would be better for his advisers, because issues besides Walker’s non-degree might get attention.

U.S. News & World Report -- The education reform world is increasingly obsessed with “diversity.” Organizations and individuals are struggling to ensure people with different racial, ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds have a place in the conversation about how to improve our schools.

Chad Aldeman

The New York Times -- Yes, test quality must be better than it is today. And, yes, teachers and parents have a right to be alarmed when unnecessary tests designed only for school benchmarking or teacher evaluations cut into instructional time. But annual testing has tremendous value. It lets schools follow students’ progress closely, and it allows for measurement of how much students learn and grow over time, not just where they are in a single moment.

The Denver Post -- Public school teachers face plenty of uncertainty. It's a challenging profession that demands patience without guarantees of success. If that weren't enough, many Colorado teachers are flying without a net when it comes to their retirement.

We are happy to launch Ahead of the Heard, the team blog of Bellwether Education Partners!

Ahead of the Heard will be a regular home for commentary, analysis, and original insights from our team. We are confident that the education policy debate will benefit from the voices and perspectives of our staff.

Denver Post -- In a cleverly named 2014 report, "Friends Without Benefits" (Andrew) Rotherham and co-author Chad Aldeman paint the existing pension system as out of step with a more mobile workforce of teachers that may work in the profession for a few, five or 10 years before moving on.

Carolyn Chuong

Contrary to claims that recent teacher evaluation reforms are leading to strict, one-size-fits-all policies, state-level data actually suggests local districts are implementing state-based teacher evaluation reforms inconsistently. Using data from Colorado and Florida, Bellwether's Carolyn Chuong shares findings with Education Next.

Chad Aldeman

Despite the development of new teacher evaluation systems in recent years, teacher evaluation ratings are still too often divorced from what happens to students and how much they learn. In an article for TNTP, Bellwether's Chad Aldeman discusses how districts rarely make consequential decisions about teachers based on their on-the-job performance.

In a complex space filled to the brim with emotion, fierce dedication and debate, Smarick provides thought leadership grounded in extensive experience and thorough research. I’m grateful for the opportunity to pick his brain about some of the most involved issues of today’s K-12 education world.

With more than 40 full-time team members we're diving deeper into our current areas of work and building new areas of expertise. We wanted to take a minute to introduce you to some of the amazing people who have joined us in the past few months.