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Kelly Robson

Some Democrats and Republicans have an unlikely alliance these days around one thing: their sudden rejection of the federal Charter Schools Program (CSP), which funds start-up costs for new, high-quality charter schools. Not only do both sides’ current arguments overlook long-standing bipartisan support, they also ignore the long history of charter schools serving some of the nation’s highest-need students and communities.

Chad Aldeman

Students lose learning even during brief school closures for snow days. The harm from COVID will be multiplied many times over. During particularly harsh winters when schools are closed, states require students to make up any days they miss. So why aren’t states requiring students to make up the learning time they lose due to COVID-19?

Jennifer O'Neal Schiess

Now is not the time to roll back testing in Georgia. Milestones is the only data that provide transparency into how every public school is doing.

Jennifer O'Neal Schiess

South Carolinians, like the rest of Americans, are under a lot of stress and anxiety. For schools, it could get worse. State Superintendent Molly Spearman is seeking a waiver from standardized testing to “relieve anxiety.”

But what about the anxiety produced by uncertainty? Spearman’s proposal would leave students, parents and communities in the dark on how students are doing during a pandemic that is here to stay in the near-term.

Juliet Squire

The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the number of urban Catholic and other private schools that are closing amid financial pressure and dwindling enrollment. The right policy choices now can help ensure that private schools remain viable alternatives for families, even as all schools enter a period of newly constrained resources.

Chad Aldeman

As we make our way through the coronavirus pandemic, Bellwether’s Chad Aldeman has been looking back at past educational disruptions to help us understand what disruptions caused by the coronavirus pandemic might mean for children today. A wave of teacher strikes in Argentina began in the early 1980s. These strikes caused students to miss large chunks of educational time, which had lasting consequences.

Jennifer O'Neal Schiess

Information about how schools support students is more critical now than ever as we navigate a pandemic that has already upended two school years. Why stop measuring schools’ progress toward high expectations for student learning?

Jennifer O'Neal Schiess

If New York does receive a waiver, its schools will lose another year of data that represents the only available measure of performance for every student in every school — data that can expose inequities in outcomes for students and drive decisions about where to target resources.

Phillip Burgoyne-Allen
Bonnie O'Keefe

Students need a way to get to school safely and on time each day, whether by yellow bus, public transit, personal vehicle, biking, or walking. These options come with vastly different environmental implications that affect students and communities.

Justin Trinidad

Youth in foster care experience significant obstacles in their lives, and the pandemic will only exacerbate the challenges of frequent transitions between homecare placements and schools and unmet physical and mental health needs. For a choice system to be effective, that system must prioritize the children who have the greatest barriers facing them.