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Sara Mead

Put politics aside to learn from the successful changes Michelle Rhee brought to Washington, D.C. schools.

Andrew J. Rotherham
Kaitlin Pennington

We’re all in favor of creative ways to recruit and retain good teachers, but this isn’t it.

Andrew J. Rotherham

The mistakes that sank Republicans on health care plague education reform, too.

Hailly T.N. Korman

Hailly T.N. Korman gives testimony before the California Senate Education Committee on SB 304, a state bill to define the required elements of an education transition plan for a student leaving a juvenile court school and returning to a community-based school.

Sara Mead

Early childhood education is highly skilled work, and it's time to train teachers accordingly.


Ashley LiBetti Mitchel

Ashley LiBetti Mitchel talked about her Education Next article in the Winter 2017 issue on pre-K programs at charter schools in the U.S. 

Andrew J. Rotherham

President Trump's proposed education budget is an exceptional missed opportunity.

Max Marchitello

Even with this disheartening defeat of the mass mobilization of those opposing DeVos, it is actually a great time to be progressive on education policy.

Sara Mead

He can make his child care plan better for families and children – and more appealing to Congress.

Juliet Squire

3 ways Education Secretary Betsy DeVos can better support rural schools.