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Andrew J. Rotherham
Kirsten Schmitz

At some point, the marriage of convenience between Republicans and President Donald Trump will end. One likely cause? Irreconcilable differences about entitlement spending. And teachers should watch out that they don’t get caught in a nasty custody battle.

Andrew J. Rotherham

5 things to keep in mind as Trump rescinds Obama-era guidance for transgender students.

Sara Mead

The U.S. can accelerate its own progress on child care policy by looking at the rest of the world.

Chad Aldeman

As states and cities turn the page on that particular set of reforms, I wanted to pause and reflect on what we can learn from the last eight years.

Sara Mead

Increased training for early childhood educators isn't enough.

Hailly T.N. Korman

For years, attorney and former teacher Hailly Korman has advocated on behalf of America’s most at-risk kids. But she’s never been an immigration lawyer.

Marnie Kaplan

We shouldn’t always be soskeptical of making broad changes using federal-level action. In fact, we are coming up on the 10-year anniversary of a federal-level policy change that did exactly what it set out to do.

Max Marchitello

Education nominee is losing Senate support over a reform agenda that won't help areas Trump won.

Sara Mead

Data on public schools paints a complicated picture, and our policy discussions should reflect that.

Bonnie O'Keefe
Kaitlin Pennington

President Trump’s nomination of Betsy DeVos — a Michigan philanthropist and school choice advocate — for Secretary of Education is thrusting Michigan education into the national education debate.