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Andrew J. Rotherham
Richard Whitmire

Thousands of low-income Black and Hispanic parents relying on charter schools are on thin political ice as the conservative-liberal alliance to support charter schools begins to falter.

Chad Aldeman

The Iowa caucuses are bad for education policy. The policies favored by an unrepresentative sample of Iowans have an outside influence on our national politics. That has distorting effects, and not in a good way.

Andrew J. Rotherham

The polarized rhetoric about charter schools obscures the work both “sides” ought to be doing to better serve all kids.

Andrew J Rotherham

We ask textbooks to do too much and there is no way around the centrality of good teaching.

Mary K. Wells

Communities across the country are embroiled in charter school battles, from a D.C. debate about charters, data and transparency to the latest round of Chicago teacher strikes. These debates almost always devolve into the familiar charter-versus-district narrative that paints a false choice between the two school models.

Chad Aldeman

As educational achievement has flatlined, attainment rates have risen. It’s easy to dismiss them, but don’t. They have value, too.

Andrew J. Rotherham

Bellwether partner Andrew J. Rotherham was interviewed by Greg Richmond, formerly of Chicago Public Schools and more recently the National Alliance of Public Charter Schools. They talked about how education is such a powerful a lever for change, what Andy’s learned since he was younger, and why data are so often weaponized in this sector.

Katrina Boone

The need for school choice for native families is urgent, with the potential to revive and protect native cultural identity.

Bonnie O'Keefe

Pesidential candidate Sen. Michael Bennet’s leadership as superintendent of Denver Public Schools from 2005 to 2009 was a major turning point in the city’s educational trajectory, marking the beginning of a reform strategy that fundamentally changed the shape of the school system and contributed to notable gains in graduation rates and student achievement.

So how does Bennet view those district reforms now, and how does he propose to translate the lessons from Denver to the national level?

Lina Bankert
Lauren Schwartze

A merger may be a valuable strategic path for schools and education nonprofits. If leaders capitalize — with appropriate caution — on the opportunity, they can accelerate progress for the students and communities that need it most.