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Extending Charter Impact: Resources for School Leaders

Rebecca Gifford Goldberg
Alison Fuller
Juliet Squire

Many charter schools and networks have demonstrated game-changing results for low-income students and students of color. And many are eager to extend their impact to benefit more students. Typically, schools and networks have extended their impact by expanding enrollment to serve more students or replicating their model and opening new schools. 

However, expansion and replication are not the only ways to reach more students. 

Some charter schools and networks have launched teacher training programs based on their school model, while others have founded community engagement organizations, like Democracy Prep or United Parents and Students. While less direct, these strategies are no less impactful ways to serve students’ needs.  

These three short resources help school and network leaders consider alternative options for growth:

There is no “right” way for schools and networks to extend their impact. Instead, how an organization chooses to grow should reflect the organization’s particular strengths, the unmet needs it sees in the communities it serves, and its capacity to build offerings to meet those needs.

Download the resources linked above or preview the deck below: