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Just In Time Intervention Planning Toolkit

Tresha Ward
Nate Geller
Stephanie Spangler

Educators and students across the country are wrapping up one of the most challenging and exhausting years of their academic careers. The ongoing pandemic, 14 months and counting, has resulted in an erratic, inadequate, and inequitable experience for students, families, and educators. The compounded impact of months of interrupted schooling has been well documented. As educators look ahead, many are planning to implement strategies to help students make up lost ground and access rigorous on grade-level content. This is the right mindset. 

One of the key strategies being discussed by education leaders is the use of strategic or “just in time” intervention, a proven strategy for helping students efficiently close learning gaps so they can quickly access rigorous grade-level content. For the past school year, Bellwether’s Academic & Program Strategy team has supported school networks to implement this acceleration strategy and developed a toolkit to help schools do this well.  

Bellwether’s “Just in time” Intervention Planning Toolkit is an easy-to-use resource designed to help school leaders assess their readiness against four enabling conditions — right data, right schedule, right people, and right materials — and plan key steps to support implementation. We hope this tool will be useful as leaders begin to help students close learning gaps this fall. 

Please click here to make a copy of the toolkit.

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