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Learn more about Bellwether’s work by reading our publications, news articles, press releases, and case studies.

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    Unrealized Impact: The Case for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) is a groundbreaking study of DEI in organizations across the education sector.

    The idea for this forthcoming study arose from conversations among Bellwether Education Partners, Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation, NewSchools Venture Fund, Raikes Foundation, and Walton Family Foundation. We all recognized that lack of data on DEI is inhibiting efforts to advance DEI across the field, and we wanted to collectively contribute to knowledge across our field while making a bold statement about the importance of moving from research to action to impact.

    We approach this study with a perspective: Diverse, equitable, and inclusive organizations are better able to support, retain, and sustain staff who maximize student outcomes and create more authentic, sustainable relationships with parents and communities. This study focuses primarily on the first link in that chain: the connection between DEI and internal organizational health and effectiveness.

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    U.S. News & World Report -- America spends the least on education during the years in which children learn most.

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    Phillip Burgoyne-Allen
    Jennifer O'Neal Schiess

    Every day, nearly 25 million students ride a big yellow bus to school. These iconic vehicles are so entrenched in American school culture that their likeness is the predominant symbol for education.

    There’s good reason for this. Since the yellow school bus came on the scene decades ago, almost nothing has changed about the vehicles or how school systems use them to transport students.

    But do school transportation systems still meet the needs of current students, families, and schools? In "Miles to Go: Bringing School Transportation into the 21st Century,” we analyze school transportation on a national scale through three lenses:

    • Efficiency: Are current school transportation systems efficiently, cost-effectively, and safely serving schools’ needs?
    • Education: Are those systems meeting the needs of students and families as well as supporting their ability to access schools equitably?
    • Environment: Are student transportation systems minimizing their environmental impact in the communities they serve?

    The image emerging from our work is grim. School districts struggle to provide efficient service in the face of escalating costs and increasingly complex education systems where more and more students attend schools outside their neighborhoods. Stagnant state funding streams force districts either to sacrifice service quality and forego system upgrades or divert funds from other purposes. Federal and state regulations concerning student safety and special student populations’ educational rights are at odds with strategies to improve efficiency. All those competing priorities must be carefully balanced.

    Factors such as a shortage of qualified bus drivers and fuel market volatility further complicate these matters. Also, districts have largely failed to adopt even basic technologies to improve data collection as well as operational and cost-efficiency, much less major overhauls, such as replacing diesel with alternative fuels.

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    The 74 Million -- What if we told you there were other test consortia, flying under the radar of Common Core backlash, with as many or more states participating -- including states that backed out of PARCC and Smarter Balanced?

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    U.S. News & World Report -- Put politics aside to learn from the successful changes Michelle Rhee brought to Washington, D.C. schools.

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    The 74 Million -- We’re all in favor of creative ways to recruit and retain good teachers, but this isn’t it.

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    U.S. News & World Report -- The mistakes that sank Republicans on health care plague education reform, too.

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    The 74 Million -- Hailly T.N. Korman gives testimony before the California Senate Education Committee on SB 304, a state bill to define the required elements of an education transition plan for a student leaving a juvenile court school and returning to a community-based school.

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    U.S. News & World Report -- Early childhood education is highly skilled work, and it's time to train teachers accordingly.


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    C-SPAN - Ashley LiBetti Mitchel talked about her Education Next article in the Winter 2017 issue on pre-K programs at charter schools in the U.S. 


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    U.S. News & World Report - President Trump's proposed education budget is an exceptional missed opportunity.

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    The 74 Million - Even with this disheartening defeat of the mass mobilization of those opposing DeVos, it is actually a great time to be progressive on education policy.