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Ideas matter. In addition to our work with clients, Bellwether Education Partners generates and gathers ideas and policy solutions, analyzes ongoing reform efforts, and writes about and discusses education and education reform. We believe that the work we do to improve education for all students benefits from thought leadership, analysis, and thoughtful discourse around emerging ideas, in order to help challenge leaders and leading organizations to think differently and improve, to coordinate efforts where possible, to inform policymakers and improve the political and policy context, and to share successful approaches with the public education field at large.

Publication -- State schools are increasingly recruiting out-of-state students who pay higher fees. But is this fair?

Publication -- Our nation’s schools are a larger cause of economic inequality than investment banks and CEOs.


Government agencies need to be more innovative, especially when tackling social issues like poor educational attainment, crime, or homelessness. Over the last five weeks, this series has set out five keys to unlocking an innovation culture: leadership, finance, permeability, incentives, and planning.

But where should an agency that wants to promote a culture of innovation start? Today we set out four initial steps agencies can take to launch a culture of innovation.

Publication -- Do they earn too little — or too much? The pay question has no easy answers


Planning Is the Fifth and Final Ingredient to Promoting a Culture of Innovation in Government Agencies

Publication -- The two most common criticisms about charter schools are that A) many of them aren’t that good and B) the good ones can’t be replicated to serve enough kids to really make a difference. TIME got an exclusive first look at the most comprehensive evaluation of charter school networks ever...


Two Specific Ways to Better Align the Incentives for Innovation in Government.

Publication -- No Child Left Behind may have been faulty, but we still need to close the achievement gap.


Making your agency or organization into a center for innovation requires nothing less than a cultural transformation. You must change your agency from a cloistered, bureaucratic environment to an open and free-flowing organization committed to finding the best innovations.

Publication -- Removing the lowest performing educators would pay big dividends, but saying so invites charges of "teacher bashing".