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Ideas matter. In addition to our work with clients, Bellwether Education Partners generates and gathers ideas and policy solutions, analyzes ongoing reform efforts, and writes about and discusses education and education reform. We believe that the work we do to improve education for all students benefits from thought leadership, analysis, and thoughtful discourse around emerging ideas, in order to help challenge leaders and leading organizations to think differently and improve, to coordinate efforts where possible, to inform policymakers and improve the political and policy context, and to share successful approaches with the public education field at large.

Publication -- TFA’s 20th birthday seems like as good a time as any to unpack the misconceptions put forward by its critics (and by some of its proponents). Here are five of the most common.


How much does the difference in charter school funding between states matter to high-performing charter schools? In this analysis Chris Lozier and Andrew J. Rotherham use actual financial data from a California charter management organization to estimate how the network's finances would be affected if it operated in different states. The analysis looks at funding in more than 20 states to examine how much the variance works in practice.

Publication -- For a deeper look at what educators might be able to learn from pro football, I talked with Tim Daly, a leading education reformer and president of the New Teacher Project, which trains teachers and conducts research and policy analysis, and his brother Brendan Daly, a former teacher who coaches the defensive line for the St. Louis Rams.

Publication -- All the new governors (29), state education chiefs (18 new ones elected or appointed since November), and state legislators (nearly 1,600) mean things are more fluid in the states, where teacher tenure is becoming a major flashpoint.

Publication -- Concern about falling behind internationally is one of America’s most popular education anxieties.

Publication -- When it comes to education, we shouldn’t lionize states when they’re too often failing to fix our schools.

Publication -- Here are 11 reformers poised to shake things up even more in these tumultuous times.

Publication -- Once you cut through the blather on cable news, there is a real, if much less discussed, problem in that public schools are skittish about teaching much about religion.

Publication -- I spoke with the Hall of Famer turned school board member about his sympathy for parents who opt out of traditional public schools, why he never went to college and what qualifies him to help bring education reform to inner-city students.

Publication -- As America starts to grapple with its out-of-control spending habits, we as a nation really should reckon with our education costs.