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Amy White

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Amy White
photo of Amy White, executive assistant
Executive Assistant

Background: Amy White is an executive assistant at Bellwether Education Partners. She got her start working as a page in the Ohio Senate while in college, followed that track to land an assistant press secretary position at the Statehouse, and eventually worked her way to rural Ohio to start a family, where she found a challenging but rewarding position with an outdoor girls’ rehabilitation facility. Working as the marketing and admissions coordinator and a member of the management team, she got her first glimpse at how those girls were experiencing large gaps in their educational careers due to foster home placements, juvenile court, and lack of parental support.

Amy has worked as an executive assistant for a number of influential clients, including a former Obama administration staff member and a National Audubon Society vice president. Finally, as president of her local elementary school PTO, Amy has been instrumental in providing family enrichment programs and planning fundraisers to help cover the costs of extra expenses at the school, such as field trips, computers, book fairs, and much more.

Amy holds a B.A. in News/Editorial Journalism from The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio. She and her husband, Jacob, have three children, Sara, Mason, and Max. Amy truly feels she belongs on a beach with a good book and a cool breeze, but when that’s not readily available, she will take any sun-filled open window and make do.

Why I do this work: As an involved member of our school community, I understand that parents cannot be the only ones advocating for change for their children’s schools. I have seen firsthand how rural schools struggle to provide more than just the bare minimum for their students, and I believe that a quality education shouldn’t be assigned to you based on your zip code.