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Danielle Aguayo-Ceribo

By Elizabeth Cryan Photography with permission from Donnell-Kay Foundation at Rocky Mountain Prep school

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Danielle Aguayo-Ceribo
Executive & Operations Assistant

Background: Danielle Aguayo-Ceribo is the Executive & Operations Assistant at Bellwether Education Partners. Danielle joined the Bellwether team in March 2016 and splits her time between assisting the Knowledge Manager and supporting Allison Haidostian, Rebecca Cagle, Jen Meer, and the Talent Advising team. Prior to joining Bellwether, she served in an administrative capacity for 10 years in the hospitality, real estate, and data quality industries, as well as at a higher education institution. Danielle was a volunteer with the Chican@ Youth Leadership Camp (now Izcalli Youth Leadership Camp) in San Diego for two years, where she facilitated workshops helping high school students navigate social justice issues and their identities before and during college. She studied Gastronomy at Boston University and volunteered with the Girl Scouts on food-related and STEM programs. She recently relocated to Washington, D.C. from Boston via Southern California and spends most of her days cooking, eating, and thinking/talking/writing about food and its relationship to culture and society.

Why I do this work: Since graduating high school on Guam, I have volunteered with afterschool, college, and social justice-focused programs for youth in three states. I became aware of the ways our current education system is lacking after seeing how much education is supplemented outside of the traditional school structure. I am committed to supporting organizations, communities, and individuals who strive in big and small ways to decrease that disparity holistically and conscientiously. I am excited that my experiences can contribute to advancing Bellwether’s mission to do just that.