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Denzell Jobson

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Denzell Jobson
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Strategic Advising

Background: Denzell Jobson is a consultant at Bellwether Education Partners in its Strategic Advising practice area. Prior to Bellwether, Denzell worked as a consultant at Deloitte delivering human capital strategy solutions in diversity and inclusion, performance management, and workplace culture for government and nonprofit clients. Outside of work, Denzell volunteers with the Brooklyn Public Library and the Posse Foundation, which is focused on increased achievement for all New Yorkers. Denzell holds a bachelor’s degree in political science with a concentration on urban education policy from Yale University.

Why I do this work: Growing up in New York City is, for many, a tale of two cities — good neighborhoods and bad neighborhoods, good schools and bad schools. I am a child of immigrants, and my family believed education was the primary accelerator to a good life. I believe a good education — in addition to meaningful holistic social services — should be the standard, not the exception.