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Kyndall Parker-Joseph

By Elizabeth Cryan Photography with permission from Donnell-Kay Foundation at Rocky Mountain Prep school

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Kyndall Parker-Joseph
Chief of Staff
Former Staff

Kyndall Parker-Joseph is Bellwether Education Partners’ Chief of Staff. Her work focuses on growth strategy, board development, annual planning, and special projects. Kyndall is also a consultant in Bellwether's Strategic Advising practice. Prior to joining Bellwether in 2014, Kyndall was the Deputy COO for TEAM Schools: A KIPP Region, in Newark, NJ. During her tenure she oversaw the creation of multiple departments and managed the decentralization of operations across six school sites. This included the hiring, management, and professional development of 45 employees along with the standardization of administrative network policies, processes, and procedures. She brings additional experience in operational consulting for turnaround schools and strategic planning for education start-ups. Previously she worked at The Walt Disney Company in their interactive media group managing marketing analysis, ad-buys, budgets, and cross-team product feedback. Kyndall holds a bachelor’s degree from Princeton University where she majored in Psychology.

Why I do this work: Education has been called the great equalizer but far too many of our children are denied access to a quality education. Growing up, I wasn’t allowed to attend a local public school. I saw the issue from both sides of the tracks: although my parents’ choice afforded me a great opportunity, many of my neighbors were not so lucky. “Luck”…it is unacceptable for luck to still play such a discriminatory role in the education of underserved children. Supporting organizations in becoming more innovative, effective, and high functioning will lead to better outcomes for our kids.