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Queen Aniatang

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Queen Aniatang
Talent Manager

Background: Queen Aniatang is the Talent Manager at Bellwether Education Partners, managing the talent recruitment efforts and candidate selection processes, and supporting the Core Team. Before joining Bellwether Education Partners, Queen worked in talent acquisition, human resources, and workforce development. She has found that working in recruitment allows her to interact with people from varied backgrounds, all of whom bring with them a breadth of unique experiences. Queen holds a master's degree in human resources development from Drexel University and a bachelor's degree in philosophy from Temple University.

Why I do this work: As a young child, I was encouraged by my parents to understand the importance of education. Knowing that access to education was a privilege, I came to appreciate the multi-faceted scope that is education and the art of learning. I am again privileged to have the opportunity to work for an organization that supports and advocates for equal access to quality education.