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Chad Aldeman
Marisa Vang

Do current state pension plans ensure a comfortable retirement for most teachers?

Insufficient: How State Pension Plans Leave Teachers With Inadequate Retirement Savings” establishes a framework to compare teacher retirement plans against an “adequate” annual retirement savings threshold. After defining those thresholds, the paper measures how the typical defined benefit (DB) plan covering public school teachers stacks up.

The authors find that the typical teacher pension plan provides only a small group of long-serving veteran teachers with adequate benefits. To afford a comfortable retirement, teachers who fall short of the adequacy targets will have to work longer, save more in their personal accounts, or rely on other forms of income in their retirement years.

Max Marchitello
Justin Trinidad

"Preparing Teachers for Diverse Schools: Lessons from Minority Serving Institutions" looks at how schools can revise policies, practices, and curricula to address the impact of race, gender, and class, and thereby better prepare educators to serve an increasingly diverse student population.

Ashley LiBetti

"Leading by Exemplar: Lessons from Head Start Programs" is a synthesis of findings drawn from an in-depth analysis of five high-performing Head Start programs from across the country.

Bonnie O'Keefe
Melissa Steel King
Chad Aldeman

"An Uneven Path: Student Achievement in Boston Public Schools 2007-2017" finds that Boston students outperform their peers in other cities on performance tests, but that a decade of tight budgets, aging facilities, and persistent achievement gaps in the city have narrowed Boston’s lead over its peers.