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We Have Five Service Areas

Jason Weeby

In February 2018, Bellwether released a white paper making the case that policy professionals can create better education policies by using human-centered research methods because these methods are informed by the people whose lives will be most affected. Design Methods for Education Policy is a new companion website that curates 54 human-centered research methods from organizations like IDEO, Stanford’s Hasso Plattner Institute of Design, and Nesta that are particularly well-suited to education policy work.

The methods are organized by phases of a typical education policy project to help professionals scope a project, conduct research, analyze data and generate insights, develop solutions, and share recommendations. Each method has a brief description about how it can be applied to education policy work. The website also contains 29 additional resources — research papers, case studies, and articles — so readers can dive deeper into the topic of human-centered policy design. Check out the full resource at

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Bellwether is hiring a consultant to join our Strategic Advising team. Consultants play an important role on client engagements by identifying issues, forming hypotheses, designing and conducting analyses, building models, synthesizing conclusions into recommendations, developing work plans, and ultimately helping to implement change with our clients.

Hailly T.N. Korman
Justin Trinidad

How can multiple systems and services effectively serve young people experiencing homelessness, foster care placement, incarceration, or unmet mental or physical health needs? As state education agencies and their chief information officers evaluate their current practices and innovate for the future, we hope they will include these approaches. We also hope that as advocates, community organizations, and other state agencies plan new approaches to cross-system coordination, they may find a shared vision in this report and model tool.

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Last month, a quarter of Los Angeles public schools gained new power over selecting teachers to fill vacancies when the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) Board of Education unanimously adopted a resolution to establish mutual consent hiring. In most districts, teachers are employees of the district, not the school where they work. What that […]