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We are a nonprofit dedicated to helping education organizations become more effective and achieve dramatic results, especially for underserved students.

With permission from IDEA Public Schools

We Have Three Integrated Service Areas

The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) gives states an opportunity to rethink their systems for identifying which schools need to improve and how. States are required to submit their plans for a federal peer review process and then have approved plans in place for the 2017-18 school year.

In order to hold all states to a common, high bar and evaluate state efforts, Bellwether Education Partners and the Collaborative for Student Success will convene an objective, independent panel to peer review state accountability plans. After states submit their official plans, this panel of experts on state and federal accountability from a range of political viewpoints will give honest feedback.

This project is designed to serve as an external check on the federal process, capture the strengths and weaknesses of each state’s plan, and provide feedback to state policymakers and advocates interested in enhancing school quality in their communities.

Our review is aligned to the federal peer review process, as well as tools developed by other external groups, but it differs in important ways:

- Our review is focused on a select number of questions and will not cover everything in state plans.
- We believe compliance with federal law is necessary but insufficient for state plans. Beyond mere compliance, we’ll also ask reviewers to assess state plans for their likelihood of success in accomplishing the state’s vision on education.
- The independent nature of our process will allow the team of highly experienced reviewers to candidly assess each state plan.

The panel consists of a diverse group of experts from across the political spectrum, with varying backgrounds and expertise in the education field. View peer reviewer bios, or click through to read more.

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The largest system of mass transit in the U.S. isn’t the airline industry. Nor is it trains, or city buses, or even all those things combined. The largest mass transit system in America is made up of the nearly 500,000 school buses transporting students to and from school each day. Despite innovations in technology, developments in […]


The ideal candidate for the Academic Strategy Senior Adviser position will bring a strong track record of success in building effective instructional systems and strategies within schools and systems of schools, and in diagnosing challenges in under-performing schools and developing plans for improvement. The ideal candidate will have experience scaling systems that support strong performance, working through others to achieve results, and collaborating with instructional leaders in schools and in network offices. The candidate will bring a sophisticated understanding of relevant issues in charter school growth and replication, a network in the field of education (particularly with charter and CMO operators), and an entrepreneurial spirit.

Juliet Squire
Kelly Robson

With nearly one in three students statewide attending a rural school, rural education must be a top priority for Oklahoma’s state policymakers. Students deserve a high-quality education, and the economy depends on it.