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Brian Robinson

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Brian Robinson
Senior Analyst
Policy and Evaluation

Background: Brian Robinson is a senior analyst with Bellwether Education Partners in the Policy and Evaluation practice area. He began his career in education as an elementary school teacher in several Washington, D.C.-area school districts and charter schools. He also has prior experience at Advance CTE where he supported state leaders in advancing equitable access to high-quality career and technical education (CTE) programs through work-based learning, early postsecondary opportunities, and removing barriers to access and equity.

While teaching, Brian earned a master’s degree in education from American University. After leaving the classroom, he earned a doctorate in education policy and leadership at New York University. Brian’s doctoral research examined the intersection of school choice and gentrification in Washington, D.C. and how parents navigated the school choice process. He currently lives in Maryland.

Why I do this work: I grew up in Baltimore's Park Heights neighborhood where the deck is stacked against young Black children before they draw their first breath. However, I was able to "defy the odds" because of the educational opportunities I was afforded. I do this work because my success story should be the expectation and not the exception. I am passionate about providing every child — particularly those who identify as Black or Latinx or are from low-income families — access to high-quality education opportunities and the resources to succeed and reach their greatest potential.