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Dhivya Venkataraman

By Elizabeth Cryan Photography with permission from Donnell-Kay Foundation at Rocky Mountain Prep school

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Dhivya Venkataraman
Associate Partner
Former Staff

Background: Dhivya Venkataraman is an associate partner with Bellwether Education Partners in the Strategic Advising practice area. Since 2012, Dhivya has worked on a range of strategy, business planning, and grant writing projects with charter schools, advocacy organizations, and nonprofit service providers. Prior to joining Bellwether, Dhivya worked for four years as a senior consultant with IBM Global Business Solutions in its public sector division. Dhivya advised federal clients, such as the Department of the Navy, U.S. Postal Service, and Environmental Protection Agency, on improving their core operations and financial management systems. In addition, Dhivya has worked at international development organizations to assist governments and corporations with initiatives in economic development, health care, labor, and education. Dhivya holds master’s degrees in public policy and business administration from Georgetown University and a bachelor’s degree from The George Washington University.

Experience at Bellwether: strategic planning, market assessment, decision-making processes and frameworks

Client segments served: charter systems, policy organizations, product and service organizations

Sample clients: IDEA Public Schools, Google, Leading Educators, Educators 4 Excellence, KIPP San Antonio, Center to Support Excellence in Teaching at Stanford University

Why I do this work: I became interested in education after volunteering for several years with young children at a D.C.-based nonprofit supporting homeless families. During this time, I saw kids with tremendous potential unable to develop their skills and access a high quality education due to circumstances out of their control. Being exposed to the disparities in our education system inspired me to help bring more opportunities to these kids. I am passionate about being part of this crucial effort to bring equality to education for all kids in the United States.