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Jason Weeby

By Elizabeth Cryan Photography with permission from Donnell-Kay Foundation at Rocky Mountain Prep school

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Jason Weeby
Senior Fellow
Policy and Thought Leadership

Background: Jason is a senior fellow at Bellwether Education Partners where he advises foundations, nonprofits, and government agencies on city-level education reform initiatives, governance, innovation, and talent. He believes bold new approaches to improving schools are the path to equitable and high-performing school systems. He’s the lead author of the “U.S. Education Innovation Index: Prototype and Report” (USEII), the field’s first foray into measuring education innovation at the city level.

Prior to joining Bellwether, Jason led programmatic and innovation initiatives at Education Pioneers. He was also an Education Pioneers fellow at Envision Schools in 2007. Jason earned his master's degree in Education from Stanford University with a concentration in Policy, Organization, and Leadership Studies and his bachelor's degree in Secondary Education and Environmental studies from Western Michigan University. Jason began his career serving youth as a treatment provider in a residential crisis unit and then as a middle school Language Arts and Social Studies teacher, both in Kalamazoo, Michigan. 

Client segments served: Intermediaries, foundations, human capital organizations, state education agencies, product and service providers.

Why I do this work: Early in my career, I worked with children all across the socioeconomic spectrum and witnessed tragic education inequity firsthand. We need to do better by our students and we can. I believe that bold new ideas, talented people, and coordinated efforts will reverse the downward trends we are seeing today.

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Jason Weeby
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Innovation is critical to advancing any sector. It increases the productivity of organizations, tests the merit of new ideas, and phases out practices that no longer work. Innovation-driven economies make current products, services, and organizations better and open up opportunities for new ones to emerge.

Innovation is essential in the education sector too. To reverse the trend of widening achievement gaps, we’ll need new and improved education opportunities — alternatives to the centuries-old model for delivering education that under-performs for millions of high-need students.

Yet compared to other sectors that have relied on continuous invention and improvement as a survival mechanism for decades, innovative policies and practices in the education sector are still nascent.

To modernize education’s approach to innovation, Bellwether created The U.S. Education Innovation Index: Prototype and Report (USEII), the field’s first foray into measuring education innovation at the city level.