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Juliet Squire

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Juliet Squire
photo of Julie Squire, senior associate partner
Policy and Evaluation

Background: Juliet Squire is a partner in the Policy and Evaluation practice area. Since joining Bellwether in 2013, she has provided policy analysis and advising support to school operators and support organizations, foundations, advocacy groups, and think tanks. She has authored reports on federal and state policies on charter schools, school governance, private school management organizations, low-cost private schools and microschools, and rural education, among other topics. In addition, Juliet has been published in outlets such as The Detroit News, U.S. News & World Report, Education Next, Education Post, and The 74.

Before joining Bellwether, Juliet worked at the New Jersey Department of Education, where she oversaw the state’s Race to the Top program and developed strategies for advancing technology-driven innovation. Previously, she managed school board relationships and new school development for National Heritage Academies, providing support to school leaders, liaising with charter authorizers, and helping to launch new charter schools in Louisiana, New York, and Wisconsin. Juliet began her career at the American Enterprise Institute, where she studied a wide range of issues in K-12 and higher education policy. She is the former board chair of a charter school in Washington, D.C.

She received her bachelor’s degree in political science from Yale University.

Why I do this work: I believe an educated public is an essential building block for a free and prosperous society and that every child deserves equal access to the knowledge and skills necessary to achieve his or her potential.

Experience at Bellwether: Data Collection and Analysis; Analysis; Policy Research and Analysis; Writing; Research; CMO/Charter School Operators; Foundations; Think Tanks; Advocacy Organizations

Client segments served: K-12 Schools; CMO/Charter Schools; State Education Agencies; Foundations and Grantees; Nonprofit Organizations; Policy Organizations; Advocacy Groups

Sample clients: Walton Family Foundation, SchoolSmart Kansas City, National Alliance for Public Charter Schools, American Enterprise Institute, Charter School Growth Fund, Partnership Schools, Gates Family Foundation


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