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Katie Vivalo Rouse

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Katie Vivalo Rouse
Senior Associate Partner
Strategic Advising

Background: Katie Rouse is a senior associate partner at Bellwether Education Partners in the Strategic Advising practice area. She brings deep expertise in aligning human capital strategies and processes with organizational goals and in coaching and supporting new and emerging leaders in managing and developing their teams. She has led work on strategic planning, change management, decision rights, leadership support, and the operationalization of theories of action. Katie is especially passionate about building diverse and inclusive teams, translating strategy into action, and dedicating her energy to closing the achievement gap.

Prior to joining Bellwether, Katie was chief operating officer and chief growth officer at DC Prep, Washington, DC's highest performing network of charter schools. Katie completed her Broad Residency at Chicago Public Schools and worked as a consultant and case team leader at Bain & Company. Katie started her career working in nonprofit capacity building in Washington, DC and New York. Katie holds a master’s degree in educational leadership from the Broad Center for the Management of School Systems; an MBA from Harvard University; a bachelor’s degree in Education, Sociology & Anthropology from Swarthmore College; and an executive certificate in nonprofit management from Georgetown University. She lives in Arlington, VA with her family and volunteers with Arlington Public Schools.   

Why I do this work: I have always loved learning and being in and around schools. As a child, even when attending a failing rural school, I found school to be a place of curiosity, inquiry, and passion. As I spent more time studying and understanding pedagogy, policy, and the administration of schools during college, I learned just how much my racial privilege and social capital helped me succeed despite attending five different elementary schools. School for me was transformative, and I believe that transformative opportunity should exist for all kids, regardless of how much money their parent(s) make, the color of their skin, or how they express their identity. Becoming a parent only magnified the importance of ensuring every child has the opportunity to be challenged with rigorous academics and explore their passions. At Bellwether, I am proud to support education leaders in making strategic decisions that will shape the future work of their organizations and the opportunities of generations to come.

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Katie Rouse

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