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Kirsten Schmitz

By Elizabeth Cryan Photography with permission from Donnell-Kay Foundation at Rocky Mountain Prep school

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Kirsten Schmitz
Policy and Thought Leadership

Background: Kirsten Schmitz is an analyst with Bellwether Education Partners in the Policy and Thought Leadership practice area. Prior to joining Bellwether in 2016, Kirsten worked as a program coordinator at the Aspen Institute’s College Excellence Program. Before that, she taught middle school English Language Arts in Dallas, Texas as a Teach For America corps member. Originally from the Chicago suburbs, Kirsten earned a bachelor’s degree in journalism at the University of Missouri and a master’s degree in urban education policy at Brown University.

Why I do this work: Our existing public education system is inarguably inequitable. I believe every child deserves an excellent education, and that thoughtful, informed policies can positively shift our collective future. 

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