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Lynne Graziano

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Lynne Graziano
Senior Analyst
Policy and Evaluation

Background: Lynne Wells Graziano is a senior analyst at Bellwether. Prior to joining Bellwether in 2014 as an administrative associate, Lynne worked as an independent contractor while completing her Ph.D. coursework and comprehensive exams, including as a research consultant and grant writer for various Bellwether projects. Lynne’s early career involved caring for an extended family while serving as a professional volunteer for nonprofit organizations dedicated to youth, community, and young mothers. Her various roles included teaching director, youth leader, mentor, coach, seminar presenter, retreat leader, and team manager.

Lynne holds a bachelor’s degree in English with a minor in writing from Drew University, and a master’s degree in the history and sociology of technology and science from the Georgia Institute of Technology. She is Ph.D. ABD (All But Dissertation) in American history at Case Western Reserve University. She and her husband John have three grown children: Gabriella, Matt, and Christina.

Why I do this work: My parents, who were raised on farms, and my husband are all first-generation college graduates. School choices we navigated with our three children shaped their career trajectories. Between my own experiences and my work with Bellwether, I have come to believe deeply that every family should have the opportunity to choose safe, quality schools tailored to their children’s needs.

Experience at Bellwether: Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis; Data Collection and Analysis; Policy Research and Analysis; Writing; CMO/Charter School Operators; District Schools; Foundations; Think Tanks; Advocacy Organizations

Client segments served: Early Childhood; K-12 Schools; Postsecondary/Higher Education; School Districts; CMO/Charter Schools; State Education Agencies; Government; Foundations and Grantees; Nonprofit Organizations; Policy Organizations; Advocacy Groups; Product and Service Providers

Sample clients: Joyce Foundation, Walton Family Foundation, First Five Years Fund, National Congress of American Indians

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