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Who We Are

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Who We Are

Bellwether Education Partners is a national nonprofit focused on dramatically changing education and life outcomes for underserved children. We do this by helping education organizations accelerate their impact and by working to improve policy and practice. 

Bellwether envisions a world in which race, ethnicity, and income no longer predict opportunities for students, and the American education system affords all individuals the ability to determine their own path and lead a productive and fulfilling life.

Our work focuses on six service areas:

  • Policy analysis and research
  • Strategy and growth planning
  • Organizational effectiveness and efficiency
  • Implementation support
  • Educational program evaluation
  • Academic and program advising

We believe that the only way to ensure all children have access to a high-quality education is to take a holistic approach by changing field-level policies and perceptions while strengthening and supporting individual organizations. Since many of the challenges organizations face are complex, they require multiple perspectives and areas of expertise. 

Through our integrated offerings, we provide comprehensive, coherent, and lasting solutions to education’s most long-standing and complicated problems.

Who we work with

Today there is a growing community of education reform leaders, entrepreneurs, organizations, foundations, and public institutions that are spearheading transformational approaches to better serve all students, especially those in low-income communities. These organizations and their supporters are demonstrating the promise of innovative solutions for closing the persistent achievement gap in public education.

Bellwether works with a broad array of organizations, including districts, states, charters, foundations, nonprofits, associations, and mission-driven for-profit organizations across the nation. Although there is substantial diversity among our client portfolio, all of our clients share a high level of urgency around driving better results, especially for low-income students and students of color.

As these organizations evolve or expand, they need help to develop business strategies that are more sophisticated, internal management systems that are more mature, and leadership capacity that is deeper and more diverse. Established organizations need new strategies to deepen their impact and often require more efficient and effective systems. At the same time, to maximize their effectiveness and broaden their impact, many organizations, regardless of their stage of growth, need the support of high-quality policy analysis and evaluation to become more effective.

Bellwether serves as a trusted partner able to fulfill all these functions and more. Get in touch with us to learn how we can help your organization achieve dramatic results for the students you serve.

Learn more about the types of organizations we serve:

Public sector

Charter schools & schools of choice

Philanthropic organizations

Product & service providers

Policy & intermediary organizations

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